2 Common Business Problems Resolved by Déjà Brew!

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If you have a business problem, we want to know. Send us your questions and inquiries here. Below are two common business problems we hear all the time and our short, simple answers to resolving these issues.

Dear Déjà Brew:

“I have lost my passion for my business!” – Frustrated and Ready to Sell  

Dear Frustrated and Ready to Sell,

Business is tough these days and it’s even harder for the little guys. You have employees to look after, bills to pay and clients to deal with. Owning a company is like any relationship: so when you hit a rough patch, it probably impacts all other aspects of your life.

Take some time to reflect and really think about what you like most about your business and what you like least. Make sure to really dig deep and include times in the past of when you had more passion for what you did. Why was that? What was your job role were you executing? Try to determine what makes you the happiest and how you can spend more time doing that by either reducing or delegating the things you may not enjoy as much.

Dear Déjà Brew:

“I don’t feel like my brand new website is performing.”  – Underwhelmed 

Dear Underwhelmed,

Building a website can be sometimes a long and tedious process. You have put a lot of sweat equity into creating the face of your company. Trust us, we know how exciting it can to be launch brand new website.

There are several things you can look at to determine what might be the issue. Most importantly, you want to make sure that the consumer knows what to do once they land on your site. Are there clear calls to action? Is the navigation making sense and allow consumers to easily move through the site? Are you using Google analytics reporting? Do you clearly state what your company does and what makes you different then everyone else? Answering some of these questions may help. Remember to think like a potential customer.

As we always say, remember strategy before tactics. How do you create differentiation in the marketplace without strategy? What research was done on key words to compete against other brands in your industry?

Keep in mind it may take sometime for your website to begin to perform the way you expected it and, the good news, it is something you can always update and tweak.

If you have a problem or issue in your business, ask Déjà Brew! At Wild Coffee Marketing, we are a team of thinkers and doers. We are consultants who develop and execute data-driven strategies that help businesses grow. Think of Wild Coffee as an extension of your marketing team. Our host of services provides you a complete package for everything your company needs to stand out, including advice on how to deal with common business problems.

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Is your messaging ready to address key concerns and ongoing opportunities? Wild Coffee Marketing can help. Contact us today to learn more. At Wild Coffee Marketing, we love helping companies grow better.

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2 Common Business Problems Resolved by Déjà Brew!

If you have a business problem, we want to know. Send us your questions and inquiries here. Below are two common business problems we hear all...
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