A Marketer’s Approach to UX Design in the Customer Experience

The verdict’s in: great UX (user experience) design leads to succinct marketing messages.

As marketers, the goal is to figure out how best to explain a product or service to navigate a customer to the desired action. As one marketer once put it, “we are professional explainers.” This expert explaining is delivered in a trifecta punch: 1) develop an appealing offer, 2) get the offer to the right people, and 3) articulate that offer concisely and persuasively.

The third step is where UX design plays a significant role. Sure, content is essential in the user experience because it is needed to educate and persuade customers to do a thing. However, if that message is not laid out correctly or on-page elements are not utilized properly, the core of the marketing message will be lost. UX is central to marketing, not only because of the direct impact it has on revenue and conversions, but also because it helps determine how a customer relates and engages a brand or product.

Marketers also use UX design to:

  • Design memorable experiences that impacts brand perception, site traffic or purchases
  • Receive invaluable insights about customer behavior and the reason behind the way they act (which ultimately leads to savvier marketing)
  • Build brand personas, dissect customer segmentation and determine targeting
  • Keep visitors on the site to attract Google and influence search results
  • Make the most of market research to gauge strategic product moves, uncover a potential niche or more importantly, find products that are not meeting the needs of a specific set of users
  • Provide a smoother path to conversions in the sales funnel

Some marketers even see UX design as the next best thing for brand storytelling and digital marketing. Visual communications and the customer experience can be key pillars of brand storytelling. The way you use your website’s UX to connect with your audiences does more than appeal to their imaginations or build deeper relationships. According to experiments conducted by Hill Holiday and published in AdWeek“storytelling in digital properties can increase the price that buyers will pay by up to 64 percent.”

The takeaway from this? Don’t ignore UX or do so at your own risk. If you are uncertain how to incorporate this into your current marketing strategy, hire an expert to help get you started. At Wild Coffee Marketing, we have helped multiple clients develop compelling narratives of how their products impact lives through the use of UX. Call us today!

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