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Statistically speaking, outsourcing your marketing team could be the key to successful branding. In fact, did you know that businesses that outsource their marketing experience a 34% increase in profitability on average?

We’re in an age of endless opportunity. New services and products are constantly being thrown at us, from when we wake up and look at our phones to when we power down our televisions and stow away our tablets to go to sleep at night. If you’re a new company or in an oversaturated market, differentiating your products or services from the rest will come down to your branding.

Here’s the thing. Branding isn’t just about creating a logo or ad campaign; it goes beyond that. It’s a strategic approach to sharing your company’s unique purpose, value proposition, and personality with the world—to differentiate from competitors and gain consumer awareness. By crafting an effective branding strategy that speaks to the needs of current customers while also targeting potential ones, you can more effectively create customer loyalty and market sustainability.

What’s the current outlook? Let’s take a look.

1 | Consumers’ Trust In Brands Continues To Be A Priority

With 81% of consumers more likely to invest their hard-earned money in brands that have earned their trust and respect, building strong consumer relationships has become a critical component of success for businesses today.

2 | Brand Colors Influence Consumers

Color is an invaluable tool in helping brands stand out. Research shows that having a distinct color can make all the difference, increasing recognition by up to 80%. To make sure you leverage this powerful tool effectively, identify which emotions certain hues evoke from people. For example, the color blue is synonymous with serenity and trustworthiness. It has been adopted by nearly half of businesses today for their branding design due to its effectiveness at conveying desired associations about their products or services.

3 | Consumers Follow Brands They Buy From On Social Media

In the age of constant connection, consumers want to see what brands are doing, which means following them on social media. Brands that engage with customers on social media can significantly increase their chances of making a sale. In fact, over three-quarters of consumers prefer to shop from companies they follow.

Meanwhile, 87% of consumers are likely to visit the website or app of brands they follow on social media. Creating an exciting opportunity for marketers to drive more customers down the purchasing funnel effectively!

4 | Three Words: Stay On-Brand

Brand consistency is important to consumers. Businesses must stay aligned across all platforms with their brand image and messaging to achieve this. According to Marq, keeping your brand consistent can increase revenue by 23% on average.

Utilizing tools such as brand guidelines will ensure that all platforms remain aligned for successful customer recognition and trust.

5 | Your Brand At Even Just A Glance Matters

“First Impressions” is not just the name of an early draft of one of the best pieces of English literature. *Insert a Pride & Prejudice meme here* First impressions are paramount for brands too.

They say it takes less than a millisecond to form a first impression. It takes consumers even less time to judge you based on your brand assets. That being said, take a look at your website, brand social media accounts, email layouts, and everywhere else you are visible to your consumers. Make sure everything is optimized, active, and engaging!

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