How Does AI Fit into the Marketing World

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The age of AI is here. We live in a world that revolves around efficiency, instant gratification, and communication via the internet and advanced technology. This is true for our everyday lives and is now the target of the marketing industry. Innovation is on the rise to reach the ever-changing habits of the consumer.

That’s where Artificial Intelligence comes in. What is it, and how does it fit into the marketing world?

What is artificial intelligence or AI?
Artificial Intelligence is a technology used to emulate human intellect to accomplish tasks and ultimately save time and money. These technologies collect consumer insights, pull data, and anticipate trends in the marketing realm.

AI technology gives marketers an even deeper understanding of their consumers, making more strategic decisions, connecting better with their audiences, and achieving a higher return on investment.

The evolution of this technology is massive. Let’s explore how it helps marketers even more.

Artificial intelligence technologies can pull, process, and analyze consumer data within seconds, whereas it takes humans days. This allows marketers to change their strategies and adjust if they need to, quicker than ever before. AI is a tremendously efficient solution.

Good Bye Human Error:
Errors happen even to the more detail-oriented individuals. But with AI tech, the possibility for error dramatically diminishes. This benefit also helps address the ever-present worry of data security, and AI helps prevent cyber-attacks through its natural process of understanding and adapting to any security issues.

Improved Strategies, Increased ROI:
Marketers can use AI tech to improve their strategies for more efficient targeted ads. It can analyze consumer habits through capabilities that allow the tech to target purchasing practices. This insight helps marketers craft specialized strategies across content distribution platforms, like email, social, social, PPC, SEO blog writing, etc.

The improvement in marketing strategies across the board helps marketers craft campaigns to help consumers move further along the consumer journey.

AI eliminates the possibility of squandering funds by removing any guesswork or need for trial and error. This fact, in turn, boosts return on investment.

AI in marketing takes automation to the next level. More specificity can improve decision-making by turning data into helpful info that marketers can put measures behind. AI can automate email marketing and content creation to enhance engagement.

Improved A/B Testing:
Just comparing A and B is now dead. With AI marketing capabilities, marketers can directly compare many variables, maybe even a limitless number. *Insert the Mean Girls meme – the limit does not exist* Think -every component of an email or a social post, designed to each audience member’s specificities, and more. AI can help generate content so technical in a blink of an eye that it would take a human forever to do.

This granularity can help marketers achieve the conversion rates that’ll make them proud when they pull reporting.

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