How to Amplify One Piece of Content

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The world of content marketing has become Golden State Warriors [circa 2016] v. Chicago Bulls [circa 1996]-competitive. Every player knows how to hit the 3-point jump-shot (content creation). Every player knows the Triangle Defense (number of content pieces to post per month, when to post and where to post). Every player understands the significance of a game-winning strategy.

What sets your Klay Thompsons apart from the heavily-endorsed Michael Jordans is not so known: content amplification.

The savviest of marketers know that curating high-quality content is not enough to reach massive levels of engagement and receive higher ROI. They work to ensure that content with strong emotional connections is developed, and then amplified, to reach the audience who are most likely to interact, share and boost their content. Here’s how they do it.

  1. They re-share the best or most impactful posts.

Content marketing is not complete until you have fully maximized the impact of your content. Many best practices exist for ensuring your content reaches maximum velocity. Promoting your content across your social channels is vital, but re-sharing your content is just as essential to connect with your ideal audience. Great marketers never become resigned with their great work going unseen or barely noticed.

  1. They update posts.

Keeping content updated has key benefits: better SEO rankings and its an effective lean content marketing technique. Content is also refreshed to further enhance developed messages. There are several ways to spruce up existing content: re-write the introduction, introduce a new paragraph, revise the call-to-action or add links to older content.

  1. They establish syndication channels for posts.

Syndicated content is a highly effective tactic in a content amplification strategy. Not only does it drive traffic and expand your audience, but it allows you to piggyback off the authority and reach of existing juggernauts in your space. Once you’ve done the heavy lifting of producing great, shareable content, make the effort to syndicate your content with LinkedIn, Medium, Forbes or any number of other successful channels.

  1. They boost posts through paid channels.

Incorporating paid advertising in content marketing offers your content an extra kick. Paid content promotion tactics, such as Facebook Ads and Promoted Tweets, can be extremely effective with the right budget and strategy. They aid in targeting your audience better by using a variety of metrics that places your content directly in front of your ideal audience.

  1. They utilize influencer marketing.

If budgets don’t allow for robust social advertising, marketers often utilize influencers to amplify content. Although building relationships with influencers who share similar content can be time-consuming, the impressive results generated is well worth the investment—and less costly. Break the ice by sharing one of their pieces on your platforms or by mentioning and tagging them in your own content piece.

Studies show that in order to get the most bang out of your content marketing in today’s digital ecosystem, it is imperative that you invest in content amplification. Contact us today and we’ll show you how to get started.



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How to Amplify One Piece of Content

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