How to connect with customers

Everyone is looking for new and unique ways to tell the story of their business.  How can you connect with customers, motivate them to desired action and impact your bottom line in a positive way? It’s important to focus on customers when developing your marketing strategy by remembering a few key tips and tricks:

Be genuine

Look beyond the sales gimmicks and scammy marketing tactics. For customers, these are a quick turn off. Take time to craft marketing campaigns that truly reflect your business, its origins, its people, its passions and its purpose. By carefully developing and sharing the true story behind your business, you establish your presence in the market and give a personality to your organization.  Tell the truth at all times (even if there’s a problem) and think beyond “sell, sell, sell.”

Be responsive

One of that fastest ways to infuriate customers is to be non-responsive to feedback, complaints, problems, suggestions or concerns.  Whether it’s an email, Google review, complaint on social media or praise on Yelp, genuine and timely response to all communication will go a long way toward building a relationship with your customers.  If you have messed up, admit it and find a way to make it right.  If there is a question or concern, find a way to help or solve the problem.  And you receive praise, be sure to thank the customer for their dedication to your product or service.

Be consistent

This is where having a cohesive marketing campaign really makes sense.  Does your website match your social media? Do you email blasts have a consistent look and feel?  Do your company key messages echo across all messaging platforms, from website to trade show and beyond?  Make sure you’re telling the same story about your company over and over with consistent messaging and images that reflect who you truly are. Over time, your brand will become easily recognized by your customers, and will become a constant that they rely on.

Be customer-focused

Marketing isn’t all about the bottom line. It’s important to listen to your customers and understand their wants, needs and desires.  Tailoring your services and products to meet customer needs and customizing your marketing message to best fit the ways they receive news and information will yield excellent results.  Mold your marketing to match your customer base. Listen and respond to complaints as well as praise.  Use these to shape the future of your organization.

Be flexible

Did an email campaign miss the mark? Is your website not working for your current customer base? Don’t be afraid to make changes.  Sometimes marketing efforts don’t work, public relations campaigns fail or product launches don’t perform as desired. Mistakes happen. Don’t be afraid to back up, re-evaluate and try again.  Stay true to your company story, but be aware of what does and doesn’t work for your customers.

Be appreciative

Sometimes it’s easy to focus only on attracting new customers, and then you forget to take care of the ones you already have.  Be appreciative.  Consider their feedback.  Thank them for their business.  Offer referral discounts and repeat-customer bonuses.  Current customer advocacy is one of the greatest ways to grow your business.  Show your current customers that you are working hard to meet their needs, and that you are thankful for them.

Be human

When you are telling the story of your business, it’s important to tell the story of the people behind your business.  Who is your leadership team? Does your founder have a unique story? What sparked the creation of your business?  Who are your sales representatives? Show the human side of your organization – from top to bottom – to showcase the people that make the organization work.  Be sure communication is genuine, and that information – and even apologies – flow freely, if needed.

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