Marketing Strategy And The Wild Coffee Process

“What’s your marketing strategy?” It’s one of the first questions you get asked in business, and for good reason. Written correctly, your strategy should dictate every move you make in business. A strategy before tactics approach can lead you to your ideal client, making the selling process much easier and allowing your company to grow within a market that is tailor-made for your products.

Strategy vs. Tactics

In the world of marketing strategy, the terms strategy and tactic are often used interchangeably. Strategy is the big picture term, yes, but it is also the driving force behind your business. It is not easy to change your strategy, it takes time and diligence with all your decisions pointing back to a well understood mission for your business. Marketing tactics are the smaller steps you take to support your well-developed strategy.

Ideal Consumer

Often, companies try out different tactics to see what works best to reach the ideal consumer. While not an established plan, this could lead to a good strategy, and you might stumble upon the best way to reach your client. A robust strategy before tactics outlook, however, is built around client personas, allowing you to market to the best clients for your business in the most profitable way.

At Wild Coffee Marketing, tactics only come into play when the larger questions are answered. First and foremost, our team needs to work closely with you to outline your messaging and your ideal consumer. When you build the client personas first, your message is heard in a way that fits your audience best. This isn’t a hit or miss idea; it is a well-run, strategy driven plan that allows your company to thrive.

Fine Tuning the Message

When working with a recent client and conducting initial research, our team kept hearing the same thing: working with this specific group of lawyers felt like working with family. We quickly found our ideal consumer – a client who wanted to be walked through the legal process in a way that felt like they were well informed and important. The team at Wild Coffee Marketing drilled down our tactics to support this client persona, and one of the best ways was a simple switch in verbiage. This led to a new tag line which included the words attorneys-in-law as apposed to attorneys at law. By playing on family and in-laws, we were reaching the right audience, saying the right thing to the right person.

While just one part of a larger marketing strategy, this verbiage shift is a great example of our strategy before tactics approach. Once messaging and ideal client research in complete, our team can develop a wealth of marketing tactics that reach the right person at the right time. For more information, visit Deja Brew or request a free consultation with Wild Coffee Marketing.

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