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Every day, the average person consumes the equivalent of 34 GB of information. The University of California-San Diego conducted the study that calls this mass of information “bombing” to the human brain. In fact, this is so much daily information that it’s more than a basic iPhone can hold. This deluge comes from time spent on mobile devices, online entertainment services such as Netflix, e-mail, social media, television, newspapers and books, radio, television and the internet, and leads to overwhelm and lack of attention pretty quickly. And all of this key information needs to be properly gathered and reflected on your Marketing Report.

Psychologist Edward Hallowell breaks it down like this, “never in human history, our brains had to work so much information as today. We have now a generation of people who spend many hours in front of a computer monitor or a cell phone and who are so busy in processing the information received from all directions, so they lose the ability to think and feel. Most of this information is superficial. People are sacrificing the depth and feeling and cut off from other people.”

What Should I Track?

When it comes to marketing metrics, a huge amount of information is presented, and it is important to keep everything well organized on your Marketing Report. It is always good to track marketing KPI’s, but there is no way to retain and use all of the information presented. With the help of a good internet marketing firm, it is easy for your company to keep a handle on the marketing metrics that matter most. At Wild Coffee Marketing, this includes:

  • Funnel Conversion Rates
  • Overall Brand Awareness
  • Customer Engagement
  • Marketing Spend per Customer
  • Return on Marketing Investment
  • Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Customer Retention

If you are currently being bombarded with information that is difficult to process, let us help. Wild Coffee Marketing offers free consultations to review your company’s current marketing metrics and progress and develop a plan that allows you to focus on the most important marketing KPI’s for your business sector and competition. Contact the team at Wild Coffee Marketing today to learn more!


Is your messaging ready to address key concerns and ongoing opportunities? Wild Coffee Marketing can help. Contact us today to learn more. At Wild Coffee Marketing, we love helping companies grow better.

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