Paid Search vs Paid Social: Don’t Put all of your Eggs in One Basket

Social media has changed the marketing game in a lot of ways. It’s a resource that is constantly evolving, and one that marketers still struggle to understand at times. User behavior is the driving force behind social, not an algorithm that makes search listings work better. In the beginning, social media was not a player in the paid search space at all – but the discussion is now out there. Are the ads on social media worth it? Or should you stick with paid search on Google?

The two biggest players in the social media game are Facebook and Instagram. Combined, their numbers consist of three billion users worldwide, with more than 24 billion monthly visits. Users enter in their age, gender, interests, and location when they set up their account. As a marketer, this allows you to have access to a target audience without much in-depth research. But, it is important to remember that this is a crowded space.

Social media users visit the site primarily to check out their friends, make arrangements for get-togethers, and find inspiration in pretty pictures. If someone searches in Google for a specific search term, they are there with a specific intent, however. They want to find a roofer that is close to them, for example, or luxury sheets for their new bed. If you are employing the right SEO techniques, paid search can be a moot point. Your goal should be to rise to the top of search organically, as the majority of people scroll down to the first organic search listing, knowing that the top listings are paid.

Facebook and Instagram users operate in a more disruptive environment and do not come to the page with the intent of finding a new roofing company, to stay with the above example. Your ad can blend in with new baby pictures or high school reunion photos, for example, making it imperative that you get creative and catchy.

Bottom line paid social can out-perform paid search, if it’s backed with knowledge and know-how. The team at Wild Coffee Marketing can help your company find the right balance between organic SEO, paid search, and paid social, allowing you to get noticed online and build quality leads for your business. Contact us today for a free review of your internet marketing plan.

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