Pay per click marketing: in house team or outsourced agency?

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Pay-per-click advertising is rapidly growing in popularity because it works, and it works well. PPC ads help you reach your target audience quickly, drive lead generation, promote your brand and directly impact revenue growth. So it is critical for your organization to handle your PPC creation and management process correctly. Should you keep your PPC work in-house or outsource it to a marketing agency?

It is imperative to make sure a PPC expert is handling your advertising. Best practices and successful strategies are always evolving, and you need to have specialists on your team that foster the best possible results. Engaging an expert team at a marketing agency will ensure advertising campaign success.


Advertising platforms are constantly changing. It’s hard to keep up with the tips, tricks, and tactics that will yield the best results. But outsourcing your PPC work to a marketing company with a dedicated team of PPC experts guarantees that you always have access to up-to-date methods that deliver excellent results. Pay-per-click management consultants not only craft strategies that benefit your company and its bottom line, they also stay abreast of your competition and the industry as a whole, making sure to employ cutting-edge plans to fit any situation.


Marketing agency PPC experts work in a variety of industries employing a wide assortment of methods to deliver quality work for their clients. Whether evaluating your potential customer base, tackling conversion optimization or analyzing advertising copy messaging, marketing agencies make it their business to know PPC inside and out, which means you get excellent ROI from one of the best platforms in online advertising.


In-house PPC support is often limited to one employee. But marketing agencies utilize teams of employees, which means someone is always monitoring your campaigns, your data, and your outcomes. A marketing consultant team will work together to capture potential customers at the right time, generate valuable click-through rates, and give you a higher return on investment. And an integrated team approach to your PPC work means more experience, more analysis, more fresh perspectives, and more positive outcomes for your business.


Of course, your in-house employees are familiar with your company story and are dedicated to your success. But knowing the ins and outs of your business doesn’t have to be limited to your internal staff.  Select a marketing agency with a careful and thorough onboarding process.  Your consulting team should be just as dedicated to your business success as your own staff is. Retaining a committed team of experts with a firm grasp of your business is possible and is a necessary key to your success when working together.

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