Amy Anderson

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Feature Podcast


Small Business Answer Man

Amy shares her entrepreneurial journey with other women, including how she selected Salomon Wancier as her business partner, tips for business branding, and marketing mistakes to avoid. In this episode, she discusses how WCM focuses on maintaining engagement and a strong culture with distributed (remote) teams by being intentional, creating systems and processes, and considering the company’s growth. Insight is given into how we address customers as partners to create the right culture, determine our place in the marketplace, and establish a higher purpose for the company.

The Fempreneur Podcast

Lyndsie Barrie, the host of The Fempreneur podcast, recently interviewed Amy Anderson, co-founder of Wild Coffee Marketing. Amy shared valuable insights on Wild Coffee’s proactive approach to making CEOs feel safe, the benefits of a fractional CMO and the outsourced marketing team model for businesses. She also talked about her transition from corporate marketing to entrepreneurship, WCM’s growth, the challenges she faced as a new business owner, and much more. Don’t want to miss this episode! Make sure to catch the entire discussion by tuning in here!



Lifetime at Work: Career Advice Podcast

In Episode 49 of the Life at Work: Career Advice Podcast, host Greg Martin chats with Amy Anderson, co-founder of Wild Coffee Marketing. From her early days in digital media to co-founding her own firm, Amy shares insights on starting a career in marketing, the importance of creativity and data-driven decisions, and tips for success in today’s competitive marketing landscape. Tune in to learn about the diversity of skills required, how to stand out, and the evolving approach to leadership post-pandemic.



Team Anywhere

Wild Coffee co-founder Amy Anderson chats with the folks at the Team Anywhere podcast to discuss the importance of trust, kindness, and compassion in building a positive work culture. She shares the advantage of having a distributed team and highlights the need to create an engaging and supportive environment for employees, especially in today’s employee-driven economy. Amy also touches on Wild Coffee’s fractional CMO and outsourced team approach to marketing and the focus on fostering collaboration, accountability, and open communication within the WCM crew. Be sure to tune in to hear it all!


Honest Marketing Podcast

In this episode of the Honest Marketing Podcast, Amy Anderson, co-founder of Wild Coffee Marketing, shares her valuable insights on establishing and scaling predictable revenue. She takes us through the evolution of WCM’s client base, emphasizing the importance of strategy alongside creativity. Amy also introduces the concept of a fractional CMO and explains how this role has been pivotal in meeting their clients’ changing needs. If you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy and understand the critical role of a fractional CMO, this episode is a must-listen. It offers a deep dive into the shifting landscape of target clients and the need for a comprehensive marketing approach.


21st Century Entrepreneurship with Host Martin Piskoric

Check out this episode of the 21st Century Entrepreneurship podcast, where host Martin Piskoric welcomes Amy Anderson, co-founder of Wild Coffee Marketing. Amy shares her journey from corporate life to entrepreneurship, emphasizing the crucial role of belief and discipline in achieving success. She highlights the importance of authenticity in branding and marketing, particularly in a post-COVID world that values transparency. Amy also discusses her proactive approach at Wild Coffee Marketing, focusing not just on meeting client needs but also on innovative ideas that enhance brand interaction. Be sure to hear it all!



Marketer of the Day with Robert Plank

In an episode of Marketer of the Day with Robert Plank, Wild Coffee Marketing co-founder Amy Anderson explains how their fractional CMO concept creates effective teams that deliver compelling results-driven marketing plans and programs. She shares her exceptional ability to advise business owners and management teams, lead cross-functional teams, and balance work and personal life. Want to learn more about how Amy and her team at Wild Coffee can help you grow your business and overcome struggles with both team and client management? Don’t miss this episode.