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Feature Podcast

Your Resource for Success

On the Your Resource for Success Podcast with Kimberly McLemore, Wild Coffee Marketing co-founder Amy Anderson discusses the importance of focusing on the customer journey to build a strong marketing foundation and fully understand a client’s audience. She shares her 28-year marketing career journey and provides tips on business branding, mindful leadership, and common marketing mistakes to avoid. Ready to learn more about building a solid marketing strategy and developing a successful brand? Listen to this episode.


Marketer of the Day with Robert Plank

In an episode of Marketer of the Day with Robert Plank, Wild Coffee Marketing co-founder Amy Anderson explains how their fractional CMO concept creates effective teams that deliver compelling results-driven marketing plans and programs. She shares her exceptional ability to advise business owners and management teams, lead cross-functional teams, and balance work and personal life. Want to learn more about how Amy and her team at Wild Coffee can help you grow your business and overcome struggles with both team and client management? Don’t miss this episode.


The Dream Huge Podcast

During an episode of The Dream Huge Podcast, co-founder Amy Anderson shares insights into Wild Coffee Marketing’s unique marketing approach. Amy discusses the company’s focus on franchises, intentional client selection, and its method for making CEOs feel safe. She also shares valuable tips for small business owners on investing in their marketing, the importance of finding your ‘why’, and more! Be sure to tune in; this episode provides invaluable takeaways for aspiring marketers and seasoned business leaders alike.



The Success Journey Show

Amy Anderson, our co-founder of Wild Coffee Marketing, stopped by The Success Journey Show podcast to talk about how building Wild Coffee from scratch has given her unique insight into the entrepreneurial journey, scaling startups and leading with compassion during challenging times. She also explores the importance of lifelong learning as a core value at Wild Coffee and so much more!



The Lifeonaire Show

Wild Coffee Marketing co-founder Amy Anderson joins the Lifeonaire podcast for an excellent conversation, delving into the topic of marketing and business strategy in a digital-first environment, the importance of positioning and creating a messaging blueprint. She explores the factors to consider when determining a marketing budget and how social media plays a crucial role in consumer vetting. Additionally, Amy highlights Wild Coffee Marketing’s ability to assist businesses of various sizes and the advantages of outsourcing teams. Tune in for practical insights to enhance your business strategy. 


Bold Business Podcast with Jess Dewell

On the Bold Business Podcast podcast with Jess Dewell, Wild Coffee Marketing co-founder Amy Anderson shares a powerful analogy: if you’re off by just 2 degrees on a ship and continue sailing, you will eventually find yourself on a completely different continent. Amy emphasizes the importance of having an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) driving strategy for every company, acting as a compass to navigate forward. Be sure to tune in to hear Amy’s insights on how accountability played a crucial role in building Wild Coffee, even through the discomfort of growth.


Claim Your Career Crown

Who better to talk about building a truly impactful culture within your organization than Wild Coffee Marketing co-founder Amy Anderson? In this episode of the Claim Your Crown podcast with host Lynn Whitbeck, Amy emphasizes four key elements: creating a culture of accountability, utilizing project management software for collaboration, leading with compassion, and fostering a learning and growth environment in that team members are eager to be a part of.