Podcasts: What Are They & Why Are They Good for SEO?

Podcasting is still a relatively new field and may be unfamiliar territory for many small businesses. Yet, for certain businesses, podcasts may prove to be a valuable marketing tool, especially when it comes to building Search Engine Optimization – a.k.a. SEO.


The architects, or the “Podfathers,” as they are called in the industry, are none other than Adam Curry from MTV and David Winer. In 2005, they developed the idea of podcasting – streaming online audio content through an RSS feed so that listeners could automatically receive it to their MP3 Players. The term “podcast” comes from combining broadcast and iPod.

Having a podcast is a powerful way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. It can also be an effective tool in promoting your business on a regular basis. More importantly, it can help with your SEO.


Remember, content is king and podcasts create content. Like YouTube videos, podcasts can and should be embedded in your website – adding value to related content of your already existing Web pages.


Transcribing each podcast in a blog post will also increase the SEO value of your Web site. Make sure to optimize your podcast so that it can possibly get ranked on podcast directories, such as iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play Music. You should take the same approach in marketing your podcast as you do your blog. Use customizable URLs, targeted content, and keywords.


Another way to generate SEO through your podcast is to have guests who are sought-after authorities in your industry. Being a leader in the industry, they most likely already have a large following of people and may cross-promote your podcast via social media, like Twitter and Facebook. Provide the guests with a link to place on their own Web site.


Podcasts are relatively an inexpensive tool that you can use to create additional content. Plus. you are not regulated by the FCC and don’t have to follow traditional broadcast formats. A good marketing strategy should include every available channel that allows you to deliver content to your audience. Remember, the principal goal of content marketing is to lead consumers back to your Web site to learn more about your brand and hopefully become a customer.




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