Some of Our Favorite Digital Marketing Tools – Part 1

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There are a variety of SEO tools available, but not all of them operate with the same power or give you the metrics you need for success. At Wild Coffee Marketing, we are constantly fine-tuning our processes and researching new tools for success.  The world of digital marketing and SEO changes every day. Our team stays on top of the trends and delivers an ultimate marketing package for all clients. is a robust tool for reputation management. Customer reviews are the single most important piece of information you can give potential clients because they trust word of mouth advertising explicitly. With, you can effectively ask and remind customers to review your business. This tool gives you the ability to amplify the voice of happy customers, talk to those who leave bad reviews, interface with your customers to provide feedback, and fully harness the power of referral marketing.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a go-to tool for keyword research, SEO, and paid traffic. An all-in-one tool used by some of the largest brands in the market, SEM Rush allows you to organically monitor and discover competitors and observe key position changes. Advertising research is also tied into the tool, giving you the ability to analyze ad budges and key words while localizing your campaigns and tracking display advertising to reach your target audience. Key word research for both organic and paid traffic is available through SEM Rush as well, giving you the traffic analytics you need to monitor website traffic and online performance while discovering new markets and niches.

Wild Coffee Marketing maintains partnerships with a variety of companies to provide a plethora of tools that are best suited to each specific client. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your current SEO and reputation management plan. Our services will help you to come out on top of your competitors and win big in the digital marketing game.


Is your messaging ready to address key concerns and ongoing opportunities? Wild Coffee Marketing can help. Contact us today to learn more. At Wild Coffee Marketing, we love helping companies grow better.

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