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Redesign Vs. Brand Refresh: Boosting Your Brand’s Impact

Redesign Vs. Brand Refresh: Boosting Your Brand’s Impact Is a brand redesign or brand refresh right for your business? 5 MIN READ Category Marketing In the bustling business world, a distinctive entity exists – the brand identity. A brand identity isn’t just any ordinary design or logo. It defines a brand and sets it apart […]

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Branding Statistics Marketing Teams Must Know

Statistically speaking, outsourcing your marketing team could be the key to successful branding. In fact, did you know that businesses that outsource their marketing experience a 34% increase in profitability on average? We’re in an age of endless opportunity. New services and products are constantly being thrown at us, from when we wake up and […]

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A Marketer’s Approach to UX Design in the Customer Experience

The verdict’s in: great UX (user experience) design leads to succinct marketing messages. As marketers, the goal is to figure out how best to explain a product or service to navigate a customer to the desired action. As one marketer once put it, “we are professional explainers.” This expert explaining is delivered in a trifecta […]

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Becoming a Graphic Design Whisperer! Learn the Love Language of Your Graphic Designer.

Are you and your designer not seeing eye to eye when it comes to the vision of your brand? One of the keys to a successful relationship is communication. This goes for any relationship, including the one you have with your graphic designer. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a popular book where […]

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