Top Four Lead Generation Trends

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Businesses are always looking for the best ways to reach their target audiences in cost-effective ways. How can you best reach your current and potential customers with your message in a way that prompts them to action? How can you best use your website, social media, emails, and other tools to broadcast your message to your target audiences and generate leads? Below are the top four lead generation trends to help your business grow:

Develop and maintain a dynamic website

Having a robust website with quality content is still one of the very best ways to generate new leads. Show your customers that you are tailoring your information to their interests, wants and needs with frequently updated blogs and targeted yet informative microsites with special offers, insider information or useful hints.

Use web analytics to understand your visitors, pay attention to click mapping, scroll mapping and other tracking tools to truly understand where people are spending time on your site, and what content leading them to your site or is catching their attention. And regularly update your website with keyword-rich yet meaningful content and attractive graphics to keep visitors coming back to your site – and seeing your message – over and over.

Make the most of sophisticated email marketing

Email has always been a clear and effective way to reach target audiences with your message.  It is important to develop email campaigns with useful and informative content and a clear call to action. For additional campaign success, segment your audiences and tailor their messages accordingly.  Send customized, useful messages frequently – but not too often! – to ensure that you stay top-of-mind with customers and potential customers and motivate them to action.

Consider influencer partnerships

Partnering with industry-relevant influencers is one way that you may be able to extend your reach to additional customers.  When an influencer promotes your product or service, they are providing an authentic voice and endorsement of your product to customers within your target audiences. Influencer partnerships should be genuine and not feel contrived. Consider offering tailored discounts, a unique call to action or exclusive offering through your influencer messaging to differentiate it from other marketing methods.

Segmentation and personalization

People want to feel that you are reaching out to them personally with an offer, a discount, or a product that is specifically for them and their wants, interests, needs or desires. Now more than ever, segmenting your audience – developing very specific subsets of your target audiences – will help you reach customers more effectively and move them to desired action. An increased focus on outstanding customer experience is driving this trend, and buyer expectations are higher than ever.

Bringing it all together

Lead generation best practices will always be evolving and changing. What works today may not work next week or next year.  Experiment a bit.  Take a good look at your target audiences, their wants, their needs and their preferences.   Then take what you’ve learned and allow that to help you use your time and your budget in wise ways that will help you generate a better return on investment.  Lead generation takes careful attention to detail, consistent evaluation, marketing savvy and a little bit of moxie.

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