What is Marketing?

When we work with clients, one of the first questions we ask them is, “what is your definition of marketing?” No matter who we’re asking – whether company executives or small business owners – every single person defines marketing in a different way.

At Wild Coffee, we subscribe to the Duct Tape Marketing philosophy when we define marketing. For us, marketing means getting somebody with a need to know you, like you and trust you.

This simple definition is critical in order to level the playing field and get buy-in for what we do when executing our marketing program. But why?

When consumers know you, like you and trust you, they are more likely to try what you do, buy what you do, repeat and refer.

To symbolize what we’re talking about, we refer to this Duct Tape Marketing hourglass, which has seven key buckets that are vital for successful marketing.

Our job as marketers is to develop strategies and tactics for each of one those buckets represented in the hourglass.


First, we must help consumers get to know you, which is where advertising comes into play. While this is often the most expensive part of marketing, strategic advertising is how you familiarize yourself with consumers – building your audience base and recognition.


Your audience has to not only know you, but like what they see and read. We help you say the right things at the right time to the right audience. And what you’re putting out there needs to look good and professional while also melding into your brand and industry.


We seek out reviews and integrate reputation management. We build social proof, case studies, testimonials and really anything that helps build trust with your target audience.


How do we get people to try your service or pick your brand? Growing this bucket may mean offering a free service, like a test drive or money back guarantee. At Wild Coffee Marketing, we help build appropriate tries for your business.


Yes, we want people to buy your brand, but what happens during the buying experience? Is there a new customer kit or a thank you email? How do you treat and onboard customers? We work to not only evaluate your buying process but make it better.


How do we get you to do more business? It could mean drip campaigns, upsells, or partnerships in conjunction with monthly newsletters, emails, etc.


In addition to word of mouth, we look at developing a formal, trackable referral program to help generate incremental revenue.

For a great example about these buckets, think about something you’ve recently purchased, such as dog food. Why did you pick that brand of dog food? Were you drawn to that brand because it’s what you know, like, and trust? Are you consistently buying the same brand? If your best friend brought home a new dog, would you refer to your preferred brand of dog food? Does the brand offer incentives to keep you coming back, such as rebates, coupons, or free bags?

When we define marketing, we come back to these Duct Tape Marketing hourglass buckets time and again for developing the best plan for our clients. While there’s no one-size-fits-all marketing plan, our tried and true approach is proven for success.

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