Why you shouldn’t use Squarespace

It sounds so appealing…a quick and easy tool to help you build a website. Hosting service is included too. Easy to use for anyone. Drag-and-drop capability. But is Squarespace really the best tool to create and manage a website? We don’t think so…and here’s why:


Becoming an outstanding web designer takes years of experience.  And in an industry that’s always changing, best practices are always evolving. Great web designers are always learning new tricks and always executing new strategies.  You cannot put a price on a human connection that is dedicated to your mission and always learning new ways to serve you and promote your brand.  All-in-one, out-of-the-box website tools like Squarespace claim that you don’t need a web designer to have a great website.  We don’t agree!


There’s always a lot of buzz surrounding search engine optimization, and there’s a good reason for that. SEO is critical for website success.  Of course, you want your company to appear high in search results from search engines. And a lot of all-in-one website builder tools claim that their products are search engine friendly, but it’s simply not true.  Developing outstanding site SEO is something that takes careful and constant attention, and requires consistent tweaking from an educated expert.  Quirky page URLs, unusual site tools and other odd Squarespace features often lead to very poor search engine optimization. Thumbs down!

Lack of flexibility

Do you need to add a specific function to your website that Squarespace does not offer? Do you need to link your website to an internal company tool or form that is not Squarespace compatible? You have a problem.  And if you have built your website in Squarespace and eventually decide you want to host it elsewhere, you have an even bigger problem.  You cannot move it.  You’re going to have to re-build your website somewhere else.  Ouch!

Lack of support

Although quickly creating and publishing a website with a tool like Squarespace seems like a good idea, what happens in the long haul?  Do you have a support issue? An SEO question? A design concern?  Companies like this aren’t known for their stellar customer service.

Here’s the thing…it may seem like you’re saving time and money using something like Squarespace to create your website.  But in the long run, a site built with this type of tool is going to perform poorly and cause a great amount of frustration.  If you truly want to promote your business, it’s worth the investment to hire a marketing agency that has developers, designers, content experts and marketing specialists on staff. Retaining experts that know SEO, content management, customer-focused marketing tactics and other industry best practices is worth every penny. With a human-managed, powerful, optimized website, you will reach target audiences, tell the story of your brand and positively impact your bottom line.  Two thumbs way up!

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