Wild Coffee Marketing Launches Internship Program: Embracing
Life-Long Learning

Wild Coffee Marketing is excited to announce the launch of our summer internship program, welcoming two rising college stars…

Wild Coffee Marketing is excited to announce the launch of our summer internship program, welcoming two rising college stars, Luke Vaughan and Faith Luban. As a fractional CMO service and marketing consulting firm, we pride ourselves on a core value: being life-long learners. This program is designed to embody that principle, offering immersive experiences and hands-on learning opportunities that extend beyond traditional marketing roles.

Luke Vaughan

WCM Summer Intern

I am most looking forward to gaining applicable, hands on experience from knowledgeable professionals about the ideation processes for design and written content creation. Navigating client-facing marketing and correspondence is also an exciting prospect of the internship!

Faith Luban

WCM Summer Intern

I’m so excited to develop relationships with and learn from all the brilliant individuals here at WCM. Gathering experience in a variety of roles will be extremely rewarding throughout this process, allowing me to determine where I can flourish in future endeavors!

Internship Program Overview

Our internship program is designed to integrate Luke and Faith into our outsourced marketing model. Throughout the summer, they will rotate between our consulting team and shared services teams, working closely with our content and social media teams. This comprehensive approach ensures they gain a holistic understanding of our operations and key marketing principles beyond the classroom.

Led by Nicol Colarusso, our Senior Marketing Consultant, the program includes hands-on experience and in-depth 101 sessions on crucial topics such as SEO, digital marketing, graphic design, email strategy, branding, and positioning. By embracing this wide array of subjects, we aim to instill in our interns the importance of continuous learning and strategy – cornerstones of Wild Coffee Marketing’s philosophy.

Lifelong Learning: A Core Value at Wild Coffee Marketing

Lifelong learning in business is the ongoing, self-motivated pursuit of knowledge and improvement to grow and succeed in one’s career. This can take many forms, both formal and informal, including:

  • Seeking further education or specialization, such as a graduate degree or certification program.
  • Acquiring new skills through specialized training.
  • Engaging in mentoring relationships.
  • Attending seminars and workshops.

For everyone at Wild Coffee, this commitment to lifelong learning means continually building the skills needed to succeed, staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies, and developing essential soft skills like time management, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and conflict management.

By creating an environment that values lifelong learning, we help our employees increase their loyalty to the company and reduce turnover. Cross-functional training and vocational training are also emphasized to ensure our team is versatile and adaptable.

Benefits of Our Internship Program

At Wild Coffee Marketing, we are dedicated to enhancing our clients’ marketing efforts through strategic leadership and expert guidance. Our services are designed to drive growth and efficiency, addressing the critical needs of businesses in a rapidly evolving market.

Our internship program aligns perfectly with this mission. Internships offer invaluable benefits, including mentorship opportunities, a fresh perspective on business practices, and a larger workforce to support ongoing projects. By integrating interns into our team, we create a culture of continuous learning and innovation, benefiting our clients by infusing new ideas and approaches rooted in the latest industry trends.

 As advisors to our clients, we often recommend developing internship programs that enhance future talent pipelines and offering an opportunity for their teams to engage in active mentorship. Other benefits include:

  • Additional Organizational Resources: Interns provide essential support, allowing current employees to focus on more advanced projects. Interns take on tasks that help them learn new skills and gain industry insights.
  • Mentorship Opportunities: Current employees have the chance to mentor future leaders, promoting a healthy work culture and boosting company morale.
  • A New Perspective: Interns offer fresh ideas and the latest strategies from their education, especially in areas like social media marketing and technology. Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious.
  • Positive Publicity: Companies offering internships are often recognized by communities and industries, enhancing their visibility and reputation.
  • An Employee Candidate Pool: Internships serve as a proving ground for future talent, often leading to permanent job offers and higher staff retention rates.

By fostering talent and innovation, we continue to drive our mission forward, delivering exceptional marketing solutions that make a tangible difference. This commitment to lifelong learning not only benefits our interns but also enriches the entire Wild Coffee team, ensuring we stay ahead in an ever-changing industry.

Stay tuned for updates on Luke and Faith’s journey with us this summer, as they embrace the spirit of life-long learning and contribute fresh perspectives to our team!

About Wild Coffee Marketing:

Wild Coffee is a nationally recognized fractional CMO firm and outsourced marketing team that partners with fast-growing brands seeking to expand their business without the hassle and investment of hiring an entire marketing department. From developing comprehensive strategies to flawless campaign execution and fresh brand creative, Wild Coffee provides the support needed to scale marketing efforts and drive growth. With a passion for innovation and a focus on results, Wild Coffee helps companies like yours transform your brand and achieve your marketing goals. 

Interested in learning how Wild Coffee can harvest your brand’s growth potential with a brand redesign or brand refresh? Schedule a complimentary consultation to explore how our expertise can propel your business forward.

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