Rogers Market

Elevating In-Store Experiences with Unique Branding

Elevating In-Store Experiences with Unique Branding

Developing a Distinctive Brand Identity and Crafting a Company Voice for the Neo-Convenience Chain

About Rogers Market

Rogers Market is changing the way people think about convenience stores and gas stations. Founded with a vision to blend convenience with premium food, Rogers Market offers a unique chic industrial meets European market atmosphere. With a grab-and-go appeal and a commitment to accessible, high-quality food, Rogers Market sources fresh, upscale ingredients and premium proteins like prime rib and brisket. Founder Gigi Rogers, with a background in interior design, breathes new life into this neo-convenience store concept she pioneered. Rogers Market’s distinctive concept and dedication to quality make it a must-visit for an elevated convenience store and gas station experience.

Rogers Market faced a significant challenge. They needed to alter consumers’ perceptions of gas stations and convenience stores. On a mission to transform these spaces into high-end, sophisticated destinations where people could indulge in a wide array of offerings, such as purchasing fine wines, exquisite flowers, unique gifts, and even hosting events. They needed to find a way to effectively incorporate their duck mascot while maintaining an elegant brand identity, all while reshaping the conventional perception of a convenience store. Introducing the concept of a neo-convenience store and shifting consumer perceptions, demanded the creation of a distinctive brand identity and voice.

With a clear vision and a commitment to brand expansion, Rogers Market turned to Wild Coffee as their trusted strategic partner. Wild Coffee not only provided expert consultancy but also functioned as the dedicated marketing department necessary to reshape consumer perceptions and match the pace and agility needed to drive brand entry into the market.

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Wild Coffee Marketing collaborated closely with Rogers Market to address these challenges and opportunities.

The solution involved:


Comprehensive Brand Guidelines:

We provided comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistent branding across all marketing channels, setting the stage for a strong and recognizable brand presence.

Elevated In-Store Experience:

Through captivating signage and merchandise, we transformed the in-store experience into a memorable journey, leaving customers eager to return.

Social Media Strategy and Local Advertising:

Wild Coffee supported Rogers Market in orchestrating effective local advertising campaigns and dynamic social media strategy. These efforts were thoughtfully designed to drive awareness and anticipation for their grand opening, resulting in a successful launch of the Sarasota location, setting the foundation for future store rollouts.

The resounding success of the Sarasota, FL location’s transformation into an upscale neo-convenience destination has inspired Rogers Market to pursue the expansion of this concept further. With the branding expertise and marketing support provided by Wild Coffee, they are now positioned to maintain a cohesive brand look and voice designed for multi-location expansion. Their strategic brand presence has paved the way for Rogers Market to shift consumer perceptions with their unique store experience.


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