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Do you consider your business to be an authority on a niche market? Do you employ specialists and experts in certain fields? Then it’s time for your company to be the HARO! (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Help a Reporter Out, a.k.a. HARO, is an online media service that connects journalists with sources. In a nutshell, it allows journalists and bloggers to pitch directly to an experienced source so that they can invest more time in writing and less time in searching for sources for their articles.

Originally found as a Facebook page in 2008, HARO has now grown to become one of the most prevalent media services companies with more than 35,000 journalists and 475,000 source members. HARO sends out more than 50,000 journalists’ queries on a yearly basis.

How can HARO help your company?

By becoming a HARO source, you or your company can be referenced on influential media sites, such as CNN, for example. As a source, you become the industry-leading expert. These media placements can be instrumental in increasing your brand awareness and, at the same time, help boost your SEO. Plus, it’s free PR! Additionally, you can use these media placements for social media, company newsletters, and even blog posts.

Still not convinced? Here are two HARO’s source success stories in a nutshell., a company that connects businesses with professional voice talent, has been mentioned on CNBC and Fast Company. Another small legal firm was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, which led to new clients and additional interview requests from other leading publications.

How do you join HARO?

You can easily become a HARO source by signing up online. Monthly subscriptions begin at the basic free level and then, depending on various options, prices range from $19 to $149 monthly.

Depending on the editions you have signed up to receive, you will get three or more emails daily, which are sent at 5:35 a.m., 12:35 p.m.and 5:35 p.m. eastern time. HARO makes it so easy – even offering sources that can help you write the perfect pitch letter.

HARO helps out reporters but it can also help your small business on so many levels.  So why wouldn’t you become a source? Not sure if this is the best path for your business? Contact our team of experts today!


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