Transformative Marketing Strategies That Lead to Rapid Franchise Expansion, and Remarkable Results

Stretch Zone:

Transformative Marketing Strategies That Lead to Rapid Franchise Expansion, and Remarkable Results.

About Stretch Zone

Stretch Zone, the first and the fastest-growing stretch franchise, operates across 300 studio locations in 41 states as of June 2023. As the pioneer of this health vertical, this unique wellness franchise employs practitioner-assisted stretching methods to revolutionize clients’ well-being. By adjusting the stretch reflex, Stretch Zone gradually enhances active range of motion, delivering benefits like a lighter and more youthful feeling, relief from stiffness and soreness, improved athletic performance, and increased range of motion.

When Stretch Zone engaged Wild Coffee Marketing, they faced significant challenges without an in-house marketing team. They were ready to scale their dynamic brand, but the absence of unified messaging and visual identity, brand strategy, and corporate support caused a disconnect within the franchise network. With only 50 locations, they sought a dedicated partner to drive successful national and local campaign strategies. Wild Coffee was hired to provide strategic marketing support, leveraging its experience in scaling franchise brands like Orange Theory from one to 450 locations.


Opportunities for Growth:


Wild Coffee's fractional CMO model emerged as the critical catalyst in propelling Stretch Zone’s rapid store expansion and growth trajectory.

Introducing a dedicated marketing team, allowed Stretch Zone to not only scale marketing initiatives but also streamline franchise development, national campaigns, and provide their network with impactful marketing materials that delivered tangible results.

Through the partnership, Wild Coffee Marketing successfully…


The results speak for themselves:

50 +

50 → 300 • No Closings

0 %

New Locations in 2022

Per Week
2- 0

Locations Open Weekly

Achieving Franchise Expansion Milestones: Road to 300

The robust marketing foundation by Wild Coffee supported Stretch Zone through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, Stretch Zone experienced significant revenue growth of 33% for 2020-2021 and a 55% increase in new locations in 2022. In 2023, 2-3 new locations were opening per week to hit a remarkable 300 studios in June, and the brand celebrates not having a single studio closing to date.

Strategic Promotions

Wild Coffee helped execute multiple strategic promotions for Stretch Zone for both national and local campaigns.

Strategic Promotions Driving Significant Revenue

The unique annual promotion offering, "3 Sessions for $99," took place during a 3-day flash sale from September 27 to 29, 2023. The promotion was designed to drive more visitors to Stretch Zone’s location page to help potential customers find their local studio.
During the promotion, Wild Coffee was able to help successfully execute:

Driving Traffic Through Paid Advertising

Wild Coffee orchestrated a targeted approach, creating unique paid social and display banner ads strategically targeting customers within a 10-mile radius around each studio. These campaigns were implemented both before and during the purchase period, resulting in a remarkable 61% increase in website visitors, comparing week-over-week data.

Increasing Engagement Through Email & Organic Social

Wild Coffee strategically developed three organic social posts and one compelling email graphic generating heightened awareness before the purchase date. This resulted in 693,239 unique email opens and a notable 30% increase in social engagement.

Unified Brand Identity on Local Social Pages

Wild Coffee achieved uniform messaging and on-brand creative across the franchise network, fostering customer trust, recognition, and deeper engagement on social platforms.

Strategic Partnerships Driving Growth

Wild Coffee aided the brand's rapid expansion by leveraging partnerships like the one with multi-unit franchisee and former NFL quarterback Drew Brees. Collaborative social media content amplified the partnership, increasing brand awareness, engagement, and location expansion.

Drew Brees Pickle Ball Promotion

The strategic design of the Drew Brees Pickleball Promotion aimed to gather client testimonials highlighting the impact of Stretch Zone on their lives. The grand prize included two round-trip tickets to San Diego, an exclusive session at the local Stretch Zone studio, and an unforgettable game of pickleball with Drew Brees. This campaign was executed across email, organic social media, and in-store flyers. As a result, Stretch Zone successfully amassed 76 testimonials within just one month through this promotion.

Increased Franchisee Engagement

Wild Coffee's marketing strategy and seamless martech integration gave Stretch Zone the ability to establish brand cohesion and streamline franchisee marketing implementation. This resulted in a remarkable increase in efficiency and performance for email, SEO, and social media campaigns across the entire franchise network. During the 3 Sessions for $99 promotion, 247 different studios sent a promotional email, an outstanding 494% increase in franchise engagement compared to past promotions where only 50 studios sent a promotional email.

Revitalized Website for Enhanced Engagement

Wild Coffee played a pivotal role in the development of a brand-new website for Stretch Zone. The website redesign boasts a mobile-first design, fresh photography, a sleeker look and feel, and optimized location pages. Strategically designed to drive traffic to local stores, the website saw a 45% increase in organic traffic and a 15% increase in local map pack features for studio location pages. These improvements have increased opportunities for consumers searching for stretching near them to see the Google Business Profile of their local Stretch Zone studio.

Stretch Zone Logo PNG

The successful partnership between Stretch Zone and Wild Coffee Marketing resulted in an impactful collaboration, marked by outstanding results. Serving as their outsourced marketing team, Wild Coffee not only elevated Stretch Zone’s standing as a prominent leader in the wellness franchise industry but also helped catalyze substantial brand expansion. This strategic partnership propelled the franchise from 50 to an impressive 300 locations, with an additional 500 locations already secured for future growth.


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