How to Evaluate Web Hosting Providers: Go Daddy vs. Cloudways

Choosing the right web hosting service lays the foundation for your business.

Choosing the right web hosting service lays the foundation for your business. It’s a decision that affects the performance, reliability, and success of your website.  To ensure that you select the best option for your business site, we will guide you through a step-by-step approach.

First, what is web hosting?

When you have a website, you need a place to store all of its files and data. Web hosting providers offer you a space on a powerful computer (server) that is always connected to the internet. This means that when someone enters your website’s address in a web browser, the hosting server sends them the website’s files, allowing them to see your site. Essentially, web hosting makes your website accessible and available to people all over the world.

1. Defining Clear Objectives for Your Website

Before exploring the different web hosting options, it’s crucial to understand what you want your website to achieve. Are you looking to run an e-commerce platform, or is your site primarily for information and branding? Knowing your website’s purpose helps you determine the necessary features, such as bandwidth, storage, and security needs.

2. Researching Different Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting comes in various forms, each offering distinct advantages and limitations:

    • Shared Hosting: Best for small websites with low to moderate traffic.
    • VPS Hosting: Offers more flexibility and resources than shared hosting, which is suitable for growing businesses.
    • Dedicated Hosting: Provides maximum control and resources, ideal for high-traffic, resource-intensive sites.
    • Cloud Hosting: Known for scalability and reliability, it is perfect for businesses expecting rapid growth.

3. Identifying Must-Have Features for Your Site

When evaluating web hosting providers, consider essential features such as:

    • Uptime Guarantee: Look for providers offering 99.9% uptime.
    • Speed: Fast loading times improve user experience and SEO.
    • Security Features: Essential features include SSL certificates, regular backups, and firewalls.
    • Scalability: Ensure the provider can accommodate your site’s growth.

4. Assessing Scalability and Growth Potential

Your chosen provider should easily facilitate scaling up to handle increased traffic and content. Look for hosts that offer seamless upgrades to higher-tier plans without significant downtime.

5. Reviewing Customer Support and Service Quality

Quality customer support can be the lifeline of your website. Ensure the provider offers 24/7 support through multiple channels (phone, email, live chat). Customer reviews can provide insight into the support team’s responsiveness and helpfulness too.

6. Considering Price and Value for Money

While cost shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor, it’s important to understand what you’re paying for. Compare the features and benefits of each plan, and watch out for hidden fees. Consider the long-term costs, including any increases upon plan renewal.

Two popular web hosting options are GoDaddy and Cloudways. Known widely for its domain registration services, GoDaddy also offers a comprehensive range of web hosting solutions. It’s considered a one-stop shop for beginners and small businesses looking for an easy way to get their websites up and running. With its user-friendly interface and extensive customer support, GoDaddy simplifies the web hosting process for users who may not have technical expertise.

On the other hand, Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that caters more to developers and businesses looking for flexibility, scalability, and performance. It acts as a mediator between the user and various cloud providers like DigitalOcean, offering an intuitive platform for managing cloud servers without requiring deep technical knowledge.

Benefits of Using Cloudways

  • Effortless Site Migration: A fantastic migration plugin enables identical copies of any WordPress installation effortlessly.
  • Email Integration: Easy integration of SMTP transactional email at both the server and application levels ensures reliable delivery of email notifications.
  • Staging Environment: Offers one-click staging website integration for testing before going live.
  • Cloudflare Enterprise Add-on: An integrated option for Cloudflare Enterprise enhances security and performance, with scalable pricing based on the number of domains.
  • Affordable Email Solution: Integrated cheap email inbox solution through Rackspace for creating special-use email addresses, with forwarding options available.
  • Comprehensive Server Management: Extensive server settings, options, and tools are accessible through a user-friendly admin interface.
  • Scalability: Servers can be easily vertically scaled to accommodate varying traffic demands.
  • SSL Certificates: Free SSL for all applications with automatic renewal.
  • Performance Optimization: Numerous options like Redis, cache, and Varnish are available for enhanced site performance.
  • Monitoring and Logging: Effective server and application monitoring tools, along with error logging for troubleshooting.
  • Developer-Friendly Features: Offers robust access to server features tailored for developers.
  • Flexible Backups: Backup options with up to four weeks of retention, customizable frequency from hourly to weekly.
  • Secure Access: Easy access to applications and databases via SSH & SFTP.
  • Team Management: Facilitates easy team management with specific or full access delegation at both server and application levels.
  • Quick Application Installation: Quick installation process for new WordPress applications and other PHP platforms.

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