Making Waves: The Carolina Skiff Summer Rebate Success Story

Making Waves

The Carolina Skiff Summer Rebate Success Story

About Carolina Skiff

Carolina Skiff is a renowned boat manufacturer celebrated for crafting high-quality, versatile watercraft. Their boats are known for durability and innovation, making them the preferred choice among boating enthusiasts.

Carolina Skiff is home to North America’s top affordable and robust fiberglass and aluminum outboard-powered boat brand. Offering unbeatable prices, their boats, including their Sea Chaser lineup, are the epitome of versatility, ideal for both leisurely rides and fishing adventures.

In a challenging marine industry landscape, Carolina Skiff confronted three significant hurdles:

  1. Increasing Interest Rates: Escalating interest rates had made boat purchases less accessible to potential buyers, leading to a decline in sales.
  2. Stagnant Inventory: Boats languished unsold on dealership lots due to the financial strain caused by higher interest rates.
  3. Dealer Education: Dealers were ill-equipped to effectively promote the rebate promotion, lacking knowledge about its benefits and how to communicate it to potential buyers.

Time was of the essence to ensure a timely launch of the marketing initiatives.

To overcome these challenges, Carolina Skiff turned to the expertise of Wild Coffee’s outsourced marketing team to create a summer rebate campaign that would reignite summer sales for both brands Carolina Skiff and Sea Chaser.


The Summer Rebate campaign presented a myriad of opportunities:


To tackle these challenges and seize opportunities, Wild Coffee Marketing executed a comprehensive omnichannel marketing strategy for the summer campaign.

Through the partnership, Wild Coffee Marketing successfully…


The results speak for themselves. Let the numbers below demonstrate the campaign’s success, comparing August 1st – September 26the to the same period the previous year:
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Facebook Ads

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Google Display Ads

Website Traffic

The strategically placed website pop-up facilitated an impressive surge in website engagement throughout August. It garnered over 8,000 clicks to the "find a dealer" page, indicating heightened interest and interaction among users looking to purchase Carolina Skiff's boats.

Organic Social Media

Instagram: Experienced 8% growth in followers compared to the previous year.
Facebook: A 25% increase in total reach for the duration of the campaign.
YouTube: A solid 17% increase in subscribers, 36% growth in views, and a 5% increase in estimated minutes watched compared to the previous year.

Email Campaign Engagement

The email campaign achieved a 42.3% open rate and a 8.7% click-through rate, significantly surpassing previous campaign results.

Increased Catalog Engagement

The campaign showed increased engagement of the Carolina Skiff and Sea Chaser’s 2024 catalogs, indicating a positive response to the campaign. The catalogs received 1.3k views and 815 unique visitors during the campaign period.

The Summer Rebate campaign played a vital role in reviving Carolina Skiff’s summer sales. The combination of targeted paid ads, engaging social media content, influencer partnerships, and dealer education proved to be a winning formula, resulting in increased brand awareness, website traffic, and lead generation.



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