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Revitalizing the Brand and Driving Growth for a Franchise Accounting Service

About Ceterus

Ceterus is a leading bookkeeping, accounting, and tax solutions provider for franchise operators and small business owners. With its cutting-edge technology and dedicated experts, Ceterus simplifies financial reporting and optimizes business financial performance.

Ceterus faced branding and messaging challenges, leading to potential customers’ uncertainty. Their website lacked coherence and failed to convey their unique value proposition effectively. The objective was to revitalize the brand, establish a unified and captivating image, and clarify the services and value that Ceterus offers. Without a dedicated in-house marketing team, they called Wild Coffee to fill the gap with their fractional CMO model and outsourced team of marketing experts.

for Growth


Wild Coffee Marketing became an extension of Ceterus’ team, offering expertise and support for the brand’s transformation.

Through the partnership, Wild Coffee Marketing successfully…


The strategic collaboration between Ceterus and Wild Coffee Marketing led to remarkable outcomes:

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Within only 90 days

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total user increase

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new website users

A cohesive and unified brand identity and messaging approach

Accurately portraying Ceterus as a leading accounting and bookkeeping solution for franchise and small business owners.

Improved website engagement

Within only 90 days, user experience through thoughtful website redesign and compelling content integration. Within only 90 days, website sessions increased by 16%, total users showed a significant increase by 34%, and new site users surged by 35%, all when compared to the final quarter of the previous site.

Increased interactions and engagement

On social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, contributing to broader reach, brand awareness, and increased lead generation.

Through its partnership with Wild Coffee Marketing, Ceterus successfully emerged as a market-leading brand, driving growth and solidifying its position as an expert in franchise accounting and financial management services.


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The power of brand consistency, in-store experience, and marketing support

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