Building a Thriving Franchise

Building a Thriving Franchise

The Power of Brand Consistency, In-Store Experience and Marketing Support

About Vitality Bowls

Vitality Bowls is a superfood café franchise with over 75 locations nationwide, known for its açaí bowls, smoothies, and nutrient-rich menu items. With a focus on using fresh, organic ingredients and catering to dietary restrictions, Vitality Bowls aims to provide a convenient and nutritious dining experience. Their mission is to bring health and wellness to every community nationwide through high-quality superfoods.

After developing new branding, Vitality Bowls was ready to roll out its new visual identity across all locations. However, with very few branding examples implemented across their print and digital assets and no new photography, they needed to establish a standardization practice for their creative assets to ensure brand consistency and cohesion across all new marketing collateral.

This was a steep task without a dedicated in-house team, placing the implementation burden on a one-person marketing department. Feeling pressure from their franchise network to provide new marketing collateral and to roll it out quickly, they needed more bandwidth to create the materials efficiently and effectively. They turned to Wild Coffee to become their outsourced team of marketing experts to fill the gap. They needed a strategic partner who could effectively execute their vision and amplify their brand image to bring the new branding to life.


Wild Coffee devised a comprehensive solution to strengthen the new Vitality Bowls branding across both digital and in-store marketing materials.

Through the partnership, Wild Coffee Marketing successfully…


Brand Cohesion and Expansion:

Wild Coffee played a pivotal role in enhancing brand cohesion for Vitality Bowls through the implementation of standardized print and digital collateral practices. The introduction of innovative patterns and print collateral ensured a consistent brand presence across all channels, contributing to an amplified level of brand recognition and a unified brand identity.

Enhanced In-Store Experience:

To enhance the in-store experience and entice customers to explore the menu offerings, Wild Coffee helped Vitality Bowls roll out multiple new items on the menu, creating marketing materials for them that played off of brand guide (e.g., chia seed pudding, oatmeal, hummus & veggies). As part of the marketing collateral, WCM designed eye-catching banner signs, elevated the menu design, in-store signage, register posters, to-go menus, napkin holder graphics, and postcard handouts. These materials highlighted the fresh and healthy ingredients used in the Vitality Bowls menu, capturing customers’ attention and encouraging them to try something new.

Seamless Execution for the Franchisee Network:

By equipping franchisees with this comprehensive marketing collateral suite, Vitality Bowls ensured consistent branding and messaging across their entire network. Franchisees could easily access and customize these materials and leverage promotions unique to their store, saving time and effort in creating their own marketing campaigns.

Elevate Old Photography:

Wild Coffee successfully integrated branded imagery treatments across old photography, seamlessly transitioning from the old branding to the new. By elevating the photography, Vitality Bowls could maintain brand cohesion without the high cost of an additional photo shoot.

The collaboration between Wild Coffee and Vitality Bowls resulted in an impactful partnership that demonstrated how the implementation of new branding and standardization practices, enhanced brand consistency, and increased exposure through the execution of cohesive marketing materials, ultimately elevated the overall brand image for Vitality Bowls and gave franchisees the marketing collateral they needed to drive foot traffic and sales.


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