5 Customer Communication Channels To Connect Consumers To Your Brand

In any business, communication is essential. It serves as a point of connection that enables information to be easily exchanged between your company and the client. So, ensuring that your customers can easily access you is imperative.

You need to offer various channels through which consumers can communicate with you, such as social media, phone, email, chat, and text. These networks offer clients comfort and reassurance in knowing that your company can meet them when and where they want to talk.

Open channels diminish the barrier between company and customer, enabling clients to feel more connected to your brand.

Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to connect with clients, as 42% of the world’s population uses social media. Considering the number of people that use these platforms, social media serves as an active channel for customer engagement.

Many businesses use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook as customer service tools. It allows them to respond quickly to inquiries and offer rapid damage control should an issue arise. With features such as direct messaging, conversations can shift from public to private, providing immediate assistance to concerned customers.


Although social media and other forms of communication are prevalent, nothing trumps phone communication. It is still useful as it continues to provide instantaneous responses to inquiries. It also offers an opportunity to empathize with customers and better understand their concerns. For those who are not on social media, the phone serves as a simple yet significant tool that is more personal.

Email & Text

Email is one of the most effective methods of interaction. Countless companies choose this method because of its suitability for longer, documented conversations. Also, with the convenience of customers receiving emails on their phone, it provides an immediate form of communication at minimal cost.

Text is also a great communication choice, especially if your company caters to millennials or even younger audiences. It ensures that the message is delivered right to the client on their device, which decreases the likelihood of messages being ignored, and encourages interaction.


Although email and text are advantageous, chat is also beneficial as a communication tool. Much like being on the phone, live chat offers immediate support. In fact, according to Zendesk, a customer service software company, 92% of consumers admitted to feeling more satisfied with a live chat feature. For many, it offers reassurance in knowing that they can receive assistance when they require it.

For small or large businesses, chat or ticketing services such as Zendesk can offer substantial benefits, such as automation to address common inquiries or concerns. It not only helps to nurture customer service relationships, but it enables companies to communicate with clients in an efficient manner, which helps to foster customer retention and loyalty through online communication. Zendesk allows you track communications as well from a query until the resolution. Similar applications to Zendesk include LiveAgent, Team Support, Help Scout, and Vision Helpdesk.

Wild Coffee Marketing Can Help Build Your Brand

Depending on your customer base, you will find some or all of the customer service tools mentioned to be beneficial. Consider your target audience and their preferences when deciding which methods of communication to adopt and use heavily.

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