The Importance Of The Marketing Funnel

A funnel gives you a direct avenue to siphon any material from one place to another. Moving liquid from a larger vessel to a smaller vessel, for instance, without spilling any onto the floor. A marketing funnel works in just the same way – allowing you to get your company’s messaging directly to your clients without losing any information in the process. At Wild Coffee Marketing, we believe the marketing funnel looks like this:

Know – the most expensive part of the process is brand recognition. This can include paid social media advertising, print ads, outdoor buys, sponsorship, etc, allowing you to distribute your messaging to the largest pool of potential customers.

Like – a company’s product or service has to resonate with a consumer before they even begin to think about investing their dollars. Bottom line, your company should be positioned to be likable, with a story that resonates.

Trust – past endeavors can be highlighted through references, reviews and online reputation management, case studies, third-party reports, and webinars. These accounts solidify you as a leader in your industry and back up your knowledge of, and communication with, clients.

Try – can your product or service be placed in the hands of influencers without the need to purchase? This offers social proof that your company is trustworthy and delivers on quality.

Buy – once the purchase is made, the product should speak for itself, and any questions should be backed by strong customer service and attention to detail.

Refer – when you like something, you talk about it! If your product and customer service are stellar, word will spread – and the right social media tools can be employed to further these exchanges.

Repeat – the best customer is a repeat customer. Building trust and brand loyalty allows your business to thrive while negating the parts of the marketing funnel that are the costliest.

Source: Duct Tape Marketing

It seems like an easy process, but without a strong marketing team to fill in the blanks surrounding these goals with tactics, your company will fail. You can’t just jump from know to buy. Instead, a potential client must come to you with a need and leave knowing your company and trusting you to provide an ongoing solution.

The “buy it now” option might work for occasional low-cost impulse purchases, but it does little to create an ongoing marketing funnel that is productive. In layman’s terms, your funnel will leak, and potential clients will spill all over the floor. This is a costly conundrum.

Wild Coffee Marketing has a wealth of marketing experts the ready to help you drive your business from known to repeat purchases. Our account-based marketing solutions streamline your message and allow you to target ideal consumers with strong calls to action and innovative impressions that lead to top-of-mind awareness.  Contact us today to learn more about our plans or to schedule a free consultation.

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