3 Marketing Tools We Like to Use and Why

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One of the principal functions of a marketing agency is to increase the exposure, sales, and profits of a company. Part of taking marketing to the next level requires the proper tools.

Here at Wild Coffee Marketing, we utilize a blend of experience, knowledge, and unique tools to elevate your brand. These tools include Basecamp for project management, Rival IQ for managing and understanding social media analytics, and SEMrush for SEO reports and analytical information. All of these tools work cohesively to create a well-rounded marketing strategy.


Basecamp is a project management tool that is effective in keeping all members of a project connected. It offers a combination of features that keep everyone on task, informed, and completely aware of what is going on and what needs to be done.

It manages to-do lists, real-time group chat, and a message board that allows you to embed files, photos, and other media. It also provides a scheduling platform that enables you to stay on track with events or project due dates.

“Check-in questions” will eliminate the need for status meetings, and it keeps our clients and team members completely involved throughout the process. This feature offers transparency, allowing clients to remain entirely aware of any developments. Reports, notifications, direct messaging, email forwarding, and many other features all work harmoniously to further our projects.

Rival IQ 

For our social media efforts, we rely on Rival IQ. It is a robust social media analytics software that is fundamental in providing reliable social data and information about our online content. It helps us to increase engagement by providing clarity on which images, videos, or posts are receiving the best response.

Furthermore, it allows us to see how our social media content compares to our competitors, ensuring we remain on track with our social media campaigns. It offers reporting, competitive analysis, and suggestions for content ideas.


As a marketing agency, we understand the importance of SEO, link building, paid advertising, organic search, and other related tactics. To guide our efforts and ensure that we are implementing strategies that deliver results, we use SEMrush. This online tool provides insight to organic search data, paid advertising research, display advertising insights, backlinks, keyword search, and more. It generates charts and reports that we analyze to drive our content strategy and ensure our priorities are aligned with what is delivering the greatest ROI for clients.

Wild Coffee Marketing Offers Innovative Services

Here at Wild Coffee Marketing, our team of consultants works diligently to help businesses ascend above those in their industry. We work hard not just as an external organization but as a member of your team, keeping you informed as we execute new ideas. For more information on our services, or to get started with us today, give us a shout.


Is your messaging ready to address key concerns and ongoing opportunities? Wild Coffee Marketing can help. Contact us today to learn more. At Wild Coffee Marketing, we love helping companies grow better.

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