4 Cool Ways Marketers are Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Marketers are always searching for innovative ways to present their products to potential customers and measure results, and on the flip side, customers want more meaningful experiences when choosing to invest their money in a desired product. Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) helps both marketers and consumers get a better experience. 

AIM enables marketers to create more effective customer experiences while offering a more customized and specialized buying environment. There are many ways that marketers are incorporating AI into their marketing strategies and executions. Here are just four ways marketers are stepping up their game using artificial intelligence marketing.

1. Enhancing Customer Service Features

How many sites have you visited where you were greeted within seconds by a chatbot asking to assist you? Many websites have incorporated AI-powered customer service into their online experience – and with good reason. Through AI, marketers can ensure customer needs are taken care of at a rate that would be unmanageable for one customer service rep. AI offers that 24/7 service that is often necessary and expected by customers.

2. Understanding Consumers On a Deeper Level

Marketers utilize AI solutions to know exactly what consumers are thinking, saying and feeling about the brand in real time. AI has the capability to take a group of customers and segment them, which creates unique algorithms from thousands of data points and provides marketers a detailed picture of their market in record time. Marketers are harnessing this data to quickly alter messaging or branding for optimal effectiveness.

3. Designing Email Campaigns For Ideal Buyers

AI breaks down the most essential impact factors for email campaigns: what designs worked, subject lines that inspired the most opens, which links were used most often, and so much more. With this power to provide insight into a marketer’s strongest email campaigns, AI helps marketers understand exactly what keeps their audience engaged and then generate emails tailored to resonate with the audience. Marketers use AI to strengthen the connection with their potential customers on a more informed level.

4. Personalizing Online Experiences

One of the coolest ways marketers are utilizing AI is in personalizing online experiences. AI serves as a personal concierge when a consumer lands on a marketer’s website – pointing them in the direction of what attracts them the most. Consumer browsing patterns are used to gather important information about their personal interests and shopping habits, and once they travel to a marketer’s website, the AI has created an idea of what they are most interested in viewing.

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