Marketing Tools we Use for Productivity at Wild Coffee Marketing

Wild Coffee Marketing pulls talent from all over America, allowing for a remote workspace that cultivates creativity. Communication and a streamlined workflow have become the hallmarks of our success as an organization. We keep growing and exceeding expectations and have invested in putting different productivity tools in place that allow for our team to work together effectively.


Slack allows for creativity, communication, and workflow all in one place. With Slack, our entire Wild Coffee Marketing team is able to see what is going on quickly and know how to contribute. This solution is used by a variety of businesses from all different backgrounds and is scalable – from a small business to the enterprise level. From simple questions to a place to connect over files and tools, Slack is a great resource to keep everyone collaborating for our clients.

Sprout Social

Sprout allows for the scheduling of social media and provides the analytics needed to make decisions. We use Sprout for our own social media, and we also use it for our clients. A robust social media management tool, Sprout focuses more on building and developing strong relationships than a simple push of information. Social media has developed beyond a fun way to talk to customers into a tool that must be utilized for business success – and Sprout is leading the way!


Canva is another collaboration tool, but it specifically deals with the design aspect of our business. Our team uses Canva to design just about anything, and the software allows us to publish it anytime, anywhere.  From simple photo editing to infographics and print-ready presentations, Canva gives our team the ability to work together on the images that make our blog posts and social media come alive.

Contact us to learn more about these productivity tools and how we use them. Wild Coffee Marketing is a full-service internet marketing company with the ability to help you get noticed online. Learn more by visiting our website.

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