What is customer-focused marketing?

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In today’s marketing landscape, focusing on the wants and needs of customers is becoming more and more important. It takes a lot of work and careful strategy to stay on top of customer preferences and to understand what motivates customers to invest in certain products and services. In order to reach target audiences in the best possible way, organizations are orienting their marketing efforts directly to client needs and wants. Centering on customer-focused marketing has been shown again and again to contribute to the overall success of a business. Ultimately, putting customer satisfaction first will benefit your bottom line.

Do your homework

Customer-focused marketing starts with a lot of research and data analysis. Who are your target customers? How old are they? What are their interests? Where do they receive their news or search for information? What are their favorite social media tools?  These and other questions will help you truly understand your consumer target market. And identifying your target customer groups will help you develop specific marketing strategies to effectively reach them with your messages. When doing your research, don’t forget about the human element.  Gather customer responses at industry or community events. Chat with your customers on social media. Getting to know them personally will help you understand what they truly seek.

Your customers want to feel that your messages, products, and services have been tailored specifically to them to meet their needs.  With careful customer-focused marketing, you can make your customers understand that what you offer is perfect for them and was created with them in mind. Place your consumer at the center of your marketing strategies.

Educate and inform

It’s tempting to want to use your social media, email campaigns, and other marketing initiatives to sell, sell, sell.  But remember to inform, too. That’s where customer-focused marketing comes in. Your customers have unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge via the Internet, social media, and beyond. And you can use your website, your social media, your email campaigns, and other tools to not only sell but also to provide useful information related to your industry and brand. Sharing valuable, relevant, industry-specific knowledge not only positions you as a leader in the industry but as a brand that cares about educating customers and providing them with useful information.

Tell your customers little-known facts about your industry. Show them behind the scenes or a production process or decision-making strategy. Demonstrate new ways to use your products. Continually find ways to offer customers value. Help them be successful with your product. This takes your customer experience beyond selling and turns their experience into a longer and more meaningful journey with your brand.

Happy customers = brand advocates

Influencing customers is getting more and more difficult. We are all bombarded with news and information from a variety of channels like email, social media, web search results, and more. How can you make your brand stand out? Create customer advocates! With customer-focused marketing, customers receive genuine communication that fosters engagement, they feel a true connection to your brand and your products or services. Showing a customer how your offerings are perfect for them creates repeat customers.  Repeat customers continue to benefit from your product or service and form an attachment.  As you continue to customize your message to meet their needs, the attachment grows.  Your customers share your offerings with others.  And they become passionate brand advocates, continuing to tell your story and sell your services beyond your original reach.

Without dedicated, repeat customers, no business will enjoy success. Instead of thinking about ROI or a selling-focused marketing strategy, it’s time to consider customer-focused marketing.  After all, the customers are at the heart of everything you do.  It’s time to tailor your marketing efforts to meet their needs.  It will deliver spectacular results!

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