Beyond The Typical Recruitment Marketing Approach

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Recruiting isn’t as simple as it seems these days. Businesses must reconsider what they know of the hiring process, the steps they take to find top candidates, and go beyond the typical recruitment marketing approach. While they may get lucky to find a lifelong employee, they need to realize that hiring isn’t the end of the journey – it’s the start of the expedition.

Recruitment marketing encompasses a company’s methods and tools to connect with and grow the talent pool before the application process starts. It is the method of promoting the company’s brand, culture, and value.

Marketing to prospective employees is similar to marketing to consumers since everyone is a consumer. Consider that a consumer’s search for a product isn’t a one-time event, just like a candidate’s job search.

Historically, businesses should target the top 20% of candidates in their talent pool and focus on their company’s WHY to draw prospects in while using strategies to promote their brand. Yet they need to take their practices further.

Go beyond brand promotion.
A true end-to-end recruitment journey involves employee life cycle management from pre-hire to post. It focuses on recruiting, employee relations, performance management, development, talent management, exit, and beyond.

A proven recruitment process starts at the beginning of a client relationship. This includes performing a full intake with clients to understand the company culture and what to focus on when targeting candidates. Then get into the skills necessary for the job and the qualifications essential to meet the minimum job requirements.

Steps for moving further.
Beyond the typical Indeed and LinkedIn postings, employ in-person networking and referrals. Sometimes the best referrals are secondary. Often a candidate doesn’t work out, but they may know someone who may be interested in the job.

Going beyond traditional advertising also involves a little creativity. Businesses should consider their location and accomplish open-minded research to find other available platforms, such as searching for city-sponsored career fairs and reaching out to universities trying to network. All routes are relevant, and businesses should try everything. The more funnels available, the higher the likelihood of finding the right candidate.

The importance of transparency.
It is essential to add that businesses must be transparent during the entire end-to-end recruitment journey to perform it correctly. This means cutting down on prolonged response times, being straightforward with candidates, and showing them that their best interest is top of mind. Mindfulness such as this will instill the trust that every applicant is looking for in a workplace.

What do we know about recruitment marketing?
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