Redesign Vs. Brand Refresh: Boosting Your Brand's Impact

Is a brand redesign or brand refresh right for your business?

In the bustling business world, a distinctive entity exists - the brand identity. A brand identity isn't just any ordinary design or logo. It defines a brand and sets it apart from the others in the marketplace. It breathes life into a corporation, adding a human touch that helps connect the brand with its audience.

 As time goes on for a business, you may find the need for a “brand refresh” to elevate its impact. Many business leaders contemplate how to amplify their brand’s presence. This leads them to consider two paths – a redesign or a brand refresh. Each path, though different, is tailored to their business’s goals and circumstances. Does this situation touch home for your brand? Are you unsure about the differences between a brand redesign vs. brand refresh? Keep reading.

Brand Redesign:

Think of a redesign as your brand identity’s “new year, new you” concept. It’s a complete and comprehensive shakeup of your brand’s identity. The goal is to present your audience with a completely new and evolved brand image.

Benefits of a redesign:

  • Differentiates you from competitors
  • Increase your brand recall and recognition
  • Helps to overcome negative reputation
  • Allows for a strategic pivot

Elements of a brand redesign may include:

  • Logo change: Creating a totally new logo design that is drastically different from the existing one, potentially with a new visual concept and aesthetic.
  • Total rebranding: Changing the brand name, core messaging, target audience, brand personality, or even the brand’s mission and values.
  • Extensive visual changes: Revamping visual elements, including typography, color palette, imagery style, and other design elements, creating a fresh and distinct brand image.
  • Repositioning in the market: Shifting to target a different audience or to align with new market trends and demands.
  • Website and collateral redesign: A redesign of the website, marketing materials, and all brand collateral to reflect the new brand identity.

Ceterus Brand Redesign Project

Brand Refresh:

Think of a brand refresh like rearranging your living room – it feels new but keeps the core elements of what makes your brand, your brand.

The steps involved in a brand refresh will depend on how you want your customers to view your company. The goal is to sharpen the impact of the way your brand appears, sounds, and feels to consumers. This may involve changes to your visual branding, brand voice, product offerings, and among other things.

Benefits of a refresh:

  • Ensures you are in line with the latest marketing trends
  • Keeps your competitive edge
  • Keeps your target audience engaged
  • Helps you attract new customers
  • Keeps your brand top of mind

Elements of a brand refresh:

  • To refresh your brand successfully, there are a few elements you need to focus on honing in. Those include:
  • Brand visuals: logo, logo usage, brand colors, brand color usage percentages, typography, photography or illustration look and feel, brand at work, graphic elements
  • Brand voice: target personas, key corporate messages, product messaging, headline and conceptual messaging

Research your competition and craft messages that resonate with your audience. Update your logo and voice, and ensure your products and services meet their needs. Take risks and get creative to stand out in the market.

While both a brand refresh and a brand redesign serve to enhance your business’s image, they do so in fundamentally different ways. In essence, a brand refresh is about strengthening and modernizing the existing brand, while a brand redesign is about reinventing and repositioning it altogether.

About Wild Coffee Marketing:

Wild Coffee is a nationally recognized fractional CMO firm and outsourced marketing team that partners with fast-growing brands seeking to expand their business without the hassle and investment of hiring an entire marketing department. From developing comprehensive strategies to flawless campaign execution and fresh brand creative, Wild Coffee provides the support needed to scale marketing efforts and drive growth. With a passion for innovation and a focus on results, Wild Coffee helps companies like yours transform your brand and achieve your marketing goals. 

Interested in learning how Wild Coffee can harvest your brand’s growth potential with a brand redesign or brand refresh? Schedule a complimentary consultation to explore how our expertise can propel your business forward.

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